GAME OF THRONES / “Sons of the Harpy”


This week, Sarah unleashed her theory of Bad Things on Game of Thrones:

Game of Thrones is irritatingly interested in bad things happening to whores. (In fact, one of the bad things in which it’s interested is the very word ‘whores,’ which its characters seemingly use as often and as hurtfully as possible.) If I were ever going to quitGame of Thrones it would probably be because something bad happened to Arya’s direwolf, but the next most likely reason would be because one too many Bad Things had Happened to Whores. BTHtW is absolutely my least favorite part of the show; nothing makes me feel more excluded as a viewer. It’s sort of likeGame of Thrones is this kind of runaway narrative train going full throttle along the ‘investigating power, especially patriarchy’ line, and then sometimes there’s an error at the switching station and all of a sudden you find yourself instead barreling through ‘voyeurism and objectification,’ where (particularly male) viewers are invited to revel in their own vision of boobs and power and it’s just BTHtW all over the place.”

“When Bad Things Happen to Good People”


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