MAD MEN / “The Forecast”


Jane and Phil wrote about the third episode of Mad Men‘s final season for Dear TV at The Los Angeles Review of Books. Phil said:

“Don’s having so much trouble figuring out what’s next for the agency because he’s asking the question the wrong way. ‘We know where we’ve been, we know where we are,’ he says, and that’s true, but it shouldn’t be in first-person. He can’t tell where he’s going because he isn’t going anywhere. He’s achieved what he will achieve at SC&P — he’s no longer a metonym for the agency. The future is other people. Isn’t that sad? Isn’t that beautiful? Take off your shoes.”

Jane said:

“‘Melodrama offers the hope that it may not be too late,’ writes Linda Williams, ‘that there may still be an archaic sort of virtue, and that virtue and truth can be achieved in private individuals and individual heroic acts rather than […] in revolution and change.’ I sort of like the idea of seeing Glen and Sally’s goodbye as something that doesn’t necessarily have to happen, as something that can happen when either Glen or Sally return home, as something that may not be too late.”

And nobody could get over the rise of #HotGlen…

“Space Station Getzinger” / “Never Too Late”


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